KAZ-IN (born June 24, 1989 in Kustanaj / Kazakhstan) is a German-speaking musician / rapper. The boy grew up in the big city of Kustanaj, in the north of Kazakhstan near the Russian border, for the first five years of his life. At the age of almost six years, the move to Germany follows. After the first time in a resettler's home, his parents move with him and his brother to the settlement of a suburb in the south of Stuttgart.

He first came into contact with hip-hop and its elements at the age of ten.

In the following years, he continued to increase his level of awareness. After a broken contractual relationship, he finally joined the legendary Stuttgart rap combo Chaplin Records in April 2007. Alongside Duap MC and Lery Krut, he has long determined the image of the underground rap in Stuttgart Germany.

He will be signed by the newly founded Stuttgart label "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" in July 2011. Kay One and Geeniuz believe in the talent of the boy and want to get started together. At the same time, the "AP Millionärsclub" Crew is launched. Other members are Shindy, Safe & Blacklife. After differences, the paths of the artists are broken.

2015 KAZ-IN founds his own production company named KAZ INC. MUSIC Group. He expands his own network and works with various artists. The last project "00" appeared in 2019. The artist announced new projects for the upcoming time.

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